Friend of the Court Payment

Payments should be directed to the MiSDU. Payments made by mail should include a payment coupon and forward to:
Michigan SDU
PO Box 30351
Lansing, MI 48909-7851

Temporary Coupons are available at the MiSDU web site. You will need to include your docket county code which is 008 and FIPS Code which is 26015 on the coupon. Cash payments should not be sent in the mail.

Cash payments are accepted at the reception area of the Barry County Friend of the Court office. The Barry County Friend of the Court does NOT accept Personal Checks.

The MiSDU also allows for electronic and Internet payments. For more information please visit their web site at for further details. Click here to access online payment.

If you pay on a case in Barry County and you also pay on other case(s) in Michigan, you may make a payment through the Barry County Friend of Court. You may pay with cash (in person, only), money order, cashier’s check, or credit/debit card. Be sure to include a completed Special Instruction Coupon to ensure that the payment applies to the correct case.

You may also make cash payments at 7-Eleven and Family Dollar stores, through PayNearMe.  You’ll need your social security number and docket number to obtain a PayNearMe PayCode.  Find a location.

Recieving Payments
Receiving payments after processing, the MiSDU distributes child support either through direct deposit or a US Bank Relia Card. Recipients of support may choose one of the two options.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit allows for child support payments to be paid into a verified checking or saving account of your choice. Direct Deposit forms are available through the IVR customer service line, at the Friend of the Court, or on the MiSDU web site. Upon completion the form must be mailed or faxed to the MiSDU:
Address to: Attn: Direct Deposit
P.O. Box 30354
Lansing, MI 48909-7854
Fax To: (517) 318-4697

US Bank and ReliaCard
US Bank and ReliaCard is similar to an ATM card. Child support payments are electronically transferred to the US Bank and placed on the ReliaCard. The card can be used at many banks, ATM and stores who accept Visa. For full information concerning the ReliaCard and related fees, please visit the MiSDU website or call the MiSDU debit card information line at 1-877-464-3324.

If you have a question concerning your current ReliaCard you may call the customer service number located on the back of your card or listed on your last statement. In addition you can view your current account free of charge on line at