Register of Deeds

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Genealogy/Property History Searching
Researchers can use any of the above self-searching methods to locate ancestors or trace a property’s ownership history. The Register of Deeds office cannot conduct these searches and recommends contacting a title company if you are unable to search yourself.

WHAT'S NEW on the web site:
There is a new feature on the Property Search where you can link into Tapestry which is the 
(Register of Deeds index search) right from the Property Search (GIS mapping).  After
searching the address, name or Parcel number. Then click on (Click here for Recorded Documents)
This will pull any documents indexed with the same parcel number, for a search fee.

Just a reminder that on Barry County web site the Property Search GIS is not a part of the
Register of Deeds Office and is only update once a year. Where Register of Deeds indexing is
updated within just a few days of recording a document. 
If you have questions on Property Search information you need to call the Mapping 
Department at 269-945-1292 

8:30 AM TO 4:30 PM for the public. 

We record the legal documents and place them on record once they are prepared. 

It is the unauthorized practice of law for a person to exercise legal discretion on behalf
of another person, or practice law for another person, when he or she is not legally authorized to do so. 
So please do not ask us to help fill out your legal documents or ask us for legal forms to fill out. 
Every legal form can be different depending on the circumstances. 
Register of Deeds Office to fill out your documents or to know what to do legally.
Seek Legal advice 


The Register of Deeds is a constitutional office of Michigan established in 1835. The duties of the Register of Deeds include recording, indexing, and retaining documents that convey or encumber property within Barry County. The office staff does not perform title searches.

The Barry County Register Of Deeds Wants Anyone Using The Barry County GIS Map Property Search To Know That the GIS Mapping Information and The Tax Roll Information May Not Reflect the Official Record at The Register of Deeds Office. GIS Is Updated Once a Year and Property Changes Hands Every Day. A Complete Title Search Would Need Done to Determine the True Official Property Ownership and Boundary Lines.
A new feature on the GIS is you can link into Tapestry right from the GIS search after searching the address, name or Pacel number.  This will pull any documents indexed with the same parcel number, for a search fee.  

Register of Deeds – Barbara Hurless (third term; worked in R.O.D office since Aug. 1999) Barbara Hurless, Register of Deeds

Chief Deputy – Emily Reed

Deputy – Cathy Trader

Part Time Deputy Indexing Specialist – Sharon Dreese




Barry County Courthouse
220 W. State St.
Room 102
Hastings, MI 49058

Phone: (269) 945-1289

Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m..
open during lunch unless 
short staffed.

Document Recording
The recording of your document by this office does not make it legal; it makes it public record.

Please be sure your documents are completed and meet the recording requirements before they arrive at the Register of Deeds office. Employees are not allowed to advise or assist in filling out documents (MCL 600.916 (1)). Anyone needing help should contact an attorney. Documents requiring tax-certifications should be pre-stamped or sent with a separate $5.00 payment to the Barry County Treasurer.

Documents may be recorded by mail, in person, or by e-recording. Documents mailed for recording require a self-addressed stamped envelope for their return. We scan, index, and give each document an instrument number before returning the original back to the submitter.

Recording Fees (per State Statute):
$30.00 per document
$3.00 per each additional instrument so assigned or discharged

Document Searching
Individuals looking for a copy of their latest deed can come into the office and staff will look the deed up for you for a $5.00 search fee per property and $1.00 per page/image of the document.  Documents such as State Tax Liens, Federal Tax Liens, and UCC documents have additional search fees. Documents can be certified for an additional $5.00 fee. We cannot search over the phone, nor can we provide more in-depth title searches or abstracts.

If you are comfortable searching yourself, you can come into the courthouse and use the Register of Deeds Public Workstations to search by Grantor/Grantee. Searches done at these workstations are free; there is only a $1.00 fee per page for prints. The public is also welcome to search the Grantor/Grantee indexes in the office for free. Using the tract index (legal description of property) both on the workstations and in the office will have a fee of $1.00 per minute.

You can also search online using Tapestry (fee per search) or Laredo (monthly subscription). For more information on these services click here.
Register Here for Free Tapestry & Laredo training webinars.

Notice of Foreclosures by Advertisements in local papers.

If you are interested in purchasing Foreclosures at a Sheriff sale or property at a tax sale, the Register of Deeds Office does not do title searches for liens or encumbrances on these properties. You will need to have a title company do a title search to find out this information or use the public workstations in the basement of the courthouse to find the information yourself.  

Please do not come to the Register of Deeds to learn how to bid on Sheriff Sales or property lost at tax sale.  We only record legal documents in the office and place on public record to be reviews. We do not do searches.

, you will have to contact a title company for searches.