Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Register of Deeds Office prepare my document or give me the forms to use?

Do you furnish abstracts/titles to property?

What payment methods do you accept?

Can I record a fax or a copy of a document?

Can I record a COPY of a court document?

Can you send me a copy of a recorded document?

Do you have standard document requirements?

Can I get documents through the Freedom of Information Act?

Who can get a copy of my deed?

What is the purpose of recording a document, and what do you do with it?

When will you record my document and what do you do with the document after recording?

When does transfer fee have to be paid and to whom?

Can you give me a current SEV on a piece of Property?

When was my house built?

Do you have a survey of my property?

How can I find out who owns certain property?

Why is there a 2 1/2 inch top margin requirement?

Will you record a copy of a death certificate?

I've paid off my mortgage. How can I get a copy of my deed?

Can the Register of Deeds tell me whom to contact about a property that is going up for Sheriff's sale?

After a Sheriff's Deed is recorded can we redeem the property with the Register of Deeds Office? 

Does the Register of Deeds Office have anything to do with Property Taxes?