Marriage Licenses

Applying For A Marriage License
Please read ALL of the information given on this page

Marriage Licenses MUST be used within 33 days from application.
You MUST have your physical marriage license before the ceremony.
In order to get married, you need to obtain your marriage license using our online payment and application links below.
Your officiant only signs and submits the license to the county after the ceremony.

You will need the following information to apply for your license:

  • Birth date of both applicants.
  • Birth place (city & state) of both applicants.
  • Social security numbers of both applicants.
  • Full names (including mother’s maiden name) for each of the applicants’ parents.
  • State of Birth for each of the applicants’ parents.

Michigan Residents

  • If one or both of you have a Barry County address, you may apply for your license at in Barry County.
  • You are required to apply for your marriage license in the county that one of the applicants resides in.
  • The fee is $20.00 and is required at the time that you apply.
  • Marriage licenses are valid in any county in Michigan where you choose to be married.

Out of State Residents

  • You are required to apply in the county in which you will be married in.
  • If you will be getting married in Barry County, you must apply for your license in Barry County.
  • The fee is $30.00 and is required at the time that you apply.
  • Your license will only be valid to be married in Barry County, Michigan.

Online Application Payment

Payment confirmation code is required when applying online. Before payment is made, please make sure that you have ALL of the required information required for the application. After you have gathered all of your information, please click the Online Payment icon at the bottom of the page. Once payment is made, save your confirmation code, come back to this page, and click the Online Marriage icon at the bottom of the page to complete the application.

PLEASE NOTE when applying online:
The 3-day waiting period starts when BOTH payment and application are submitted.
  • Only the applicants can pick up the license and MUST show photo ID for both applicants. If only one applicant is available for pick up, they must bring a copy of the front and back of the other applicants’ photo ID.
  • Our hours of operation for pick up are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    The following is a pickup schedule:
    Waiting Period: Michigan has a three (3) day waiting period before you may pick up your license.*

If you apply on:                          Your pickup day is:
Monday                                       Thursday

Tuesday                                      Friday
Wednesday                               Monday
Thursday                                   Monday
Friday                                        Monday
Saturday                                   Tuesday
Sunday                                     Wednesday

*With good cause, you may apply to have the 3-day waiting period waived, and if approved, there is an additional $50.00 fee.

**If your pickup day is a holiday, your license will be available the following business day for pick up.

Please complete the two steps below to complete your application process!

Online Payment – You MUST use this link FIRST to make your payment. Please be sure to have your confirmation number ready when completing the online marriage application.

Online Marriage ApplicationThe address on your application MUST match your driver’s license. 


  • Photo ID must be presented at the time you pick up your license for BOTH individuals. This is required for proof of age & residency.
  • If only one person will appear to pick up the license, you must bring a copy of the front and back of the other applicant's ID.
  • Your Photo ID must match your driver’s license or state identification card, including the address of both applicants.