Campaign Finance Information

Campaign Finance Filing
File campaign finance materials with the County Clerk.

For campaign finance purposes, you officially become a candidate if you:
  • File a Candidate Affidavit of Identity, fee or petition.
  • Spent or receive any funds to further your information or election to office or give someone else permission to do so on your behalf.
  • Are nominated at a party convention or convention.
  • Once you have become a candidate, you have 10 calendar days to form a Candidate Committee. An ADDITIONAL 10 calendar days are allowed to file this information with your campaign finance filing official.
  • See the Candidate Filing Locations chart to determine your campaign finance filing official and if you need to file a Statement of Organization. NOTE: It may NOT be the same filing official with whom you filed your Affidavit of Identity.
  • All candidates must file campaign finance materials and create a Candidate Committee except for the following:
    • Precinct Delegates
    • School board candidates in a school district with a pupil enrollment of less than 2,400 - UNLESS they spend or receive in excess of $1000.

Dates to Remember

Statement of Organization form - local candidate/committees only

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