Airport (Hastings City/Barry County)

Contact Airport
Location Phone Manager Hours of Operation
2505 Murphy Dr.
Hastings, MI 49058
Main: (269) 945-6306 Mark Noteboom
Mobile: (616) 813-1811
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
The goal of this Airport to provide a welcome environment for personal and commercial use of the facilities. We encourage business development at this Airport.

Statistics and Information for Pilots
Hastings/Barry County Airport (9D9), Hastings, MI
CTAF Unicom GRR VOR GRR Approach AZO Approach Lansing FSS
123.075 123.075 115.95 128.4 119.2 122.25
Type ID Frequency Bearing Distance NM
VOR GRR 115.95 142 9.9
VOR BTL 109.40 351 21.6
VOR AZO 109.00 021 27.2
VOR LAN 110.80 269 28.78
VOR PMM 112.10 071 35.6
Runway Information
Runway Surface Dimension Lighting
12 / 30 Asphalt 3900 x 75 4 light PAPI – Runway end identifier Lights
18 / 36 Turf 2567 x 200 No Lighting
9 / 27 Turf 2400 x 170 No Lighting
Services and Information
The Airport is jointly owned by the City of Hastings and Barry County. For information on either of these municipalities please refer to their respective websites for more information at:
Thornapple Flying Academy LLC is an aircraft rental / flight training FBO based at the Hastings City/Barry County Airport.

The Hastings Flying Association is a group of pilots and aviation community related individuals dedicated to helping to provide development and enjoyable activities at the Hastings City/Barry County Airport.

Find out more by calling Hastings City/Barry County Airport at (269) 945-6306 or by contacting the City of Hastings or Barry County directly.

Documents, Forms, and Regulations
Airport Rules and Regulations: This document is the established rules and regulates for operations at the Hastings Airport.

Airport Building Standards: For individuals or corporations desiring to build at the Hastings Airport this document details the building standards and requirements currently in place.

Airport Ground Lease Template: This document is a template document of established ground lease for the development of personal or corporate hangars at the Airport.

Business and Development Opportunities
The Hastings City/Barry County Airport can become an asset to your company or personal aviation needs. Contact us with any interest you may have.

We have the positive attitude and support you need to succeed. The benefits of locating a business, especially an aviation-related business at an airport are obvious. A progressive and welcoming local business climate makes Hastings and Barry County a wonderful place for business and pleasure.

If you are interested in building a corporate or private hangar at the airport, we offer land lease contracts for this type of development.

The potential for economic development loans through government loan assistance, low lease rates, available space, and large areas of convertible Airport property make for virtually limitless possibilities.

We have the facilities, programs, services, and most importantly, the positive attitude and support you need to succeed.

Here are just a few of the aviation-related businesses we are seeking:

  • Turbine Engine Repair
  • Avionics Repair
  • Sheet Metal Fabricators
  • Aluminum and aviation skin repair
  • Wing repair
  • Aviation-related retailing/mail order
  • Full-service fixed base operators
  • Part 135 charter operators
  • Intermediate/long distance charter service
  • Air freight haulers
  • FAR part 141 flight schools
  • Major or light aviation-related businesses
  • Insurance agents
  • Consultants
  • Restaurant services
  • Other community or aviation related services.
Find out more by calling Hastings City/Barry County Airport at (269) 945-6306, or by contacting the City of Hastings or Barry County directly.