Local Emergency Planning Committee

The LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Team) meeting is held quarterly and in conjunction with the Local Planning Team (LPT) meeting.

Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) must develop an emergency response plan, review the plan at least annually, and provide information about chemicals in the community to citizens.

Purpose of the LPT is to bring together local agencies to assist and guide the Barry County Emergency Management Department in following areas.
A) Training and Exercise
B) Review and update Barry County’s Hazard Assessment
C) Review and update the Hazard Mitigation Plan
D) Review request for grant funding
E) Distribution of grant funds/equipment
F) Other issues that my need addressing for the good of the community

LEPC/LPT members are representatives from the follow Barry County disciplines
A) Agriculture (currently vacant)
B) Communications: 911 and RACES
C) Cyber Security
D) Emergency Management
E) Emergency Medical Services
F) Fire Service
G) Governmental
H) Hazardous Materials
I) Health Care
J) Human Services
K) Law Enforcement: Local, County and State
L) Non-Government Non-Profit
M) Public Health
N) Public Schools
O) Public Works
P) Others as needed

The members of the LEPC/LPT are heads of the listed agencies/disciplines or their representative . Most agency/discipline representatives are the people that would respond to the Emergency Operations Center during a disaster. Not all disciplines send representatives to the meetings; that is their choice. The county government representative is the Board of Commissioners Chairperson and the County Administrator. There are no term limits.

Contact Information
Jim Yarger

Board Information

  • 0 Current Vacancies
  • 0 Terms Expired
Size 23 Members
Term Length N/A
Term Limit N/A

Board Roster
David Jackson
Jan 01, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024
Appointing Authority - Barry County Commissioners
Category - Governmental County

Ron Yeo
Appointing Authority - Barry County RACES
Category - Communications RACES

Michael Brown
Appointing Authority - Barry County
Category - Governmental Admin

Appointing Authority - Township Supervisors Assn
Category - Governmental Local

Dana Yarger
Appointing Authority - Barry County EMS Council
Category - EMS

Doug DeVeries
Appointing Authority - Pennock Health Services
Category - Health Care

Lyn Briel
Appointing Authority - Thornapple Manor
Category - Long Term Care Facility

Rebekah Condon
Appointing Authority - Barry-Eaton Health Department
Category - Public Health

William Voight
Appointing Authority - Barry County Transit
Category - Transportation
Dais Seat - Transportation

Noelle Bair
Appointing Authority - Barry-Eaton Dept of Human Services
Category - Human Services

Ben Dudley
Appointing Authority - Consumers Energy
Category - Public Utilities

Jeffrey Nawrat
Appointing Authority - American Red Cross
Category - American Red Cross

Jim Yarger
Appointing Authority - Barry County Emergency Management Dept
Office/Role - Chair
Category - Emergency Mgmt/Hazardous Materials

Stephanie Lehman
Appointing Authority - Barry County Central Dispatch
Category - Communications E911

Rick Krouse
Appointing Authority - Barry County Fire Services
Category - Fire Service

Dar Leaf
Appointing Authority - Elected
Category - Law Enforcement County

Dale Boulter
Police Chief
Category - Law Enforcement Municipal

Brad Lamberg
Appointing Authority - Barry County Road Commission
Category - Public Works

F/Lt Keith Disselkoen
Category - Law Enforcement State

Lani Forbes
Office/Role - LEPC Public Information Officer
Category - Non-Government; Non-Profit

Richard Franklin
Appointing Authority - Barry County ISD
Category - Public Schools


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