Central Dispatch Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee composed of members established in the 911 Plan shall be directly responsible for the operation of the functions assigned to it by the Board and the Enabling Agreement.
The functions of the Technical Advisory Committee include but are not limited to:
(a) advising on operational priorities, policies and procedures for system development, programming and operations;
(b) reviewing the Director’s proposals of new equipment needs for recommendation to the Board; and
(c) performing all functions specified, described or authorized by the Enabling Agreement or delegated by the Board.

Contact Information
Stephanie Lehman - Director

Board Information
Size 13 Members

Board Roster
Chief Wayne Gould
Category - Fire Association Member

Chief Kevin Callahan
Category - Twp or Village PD

Supervisor Michelle James
Category - Central Dispatch Telecommunicator

Jim Yarger
Category - Emergency Management Director

Paramendic Joe Huebner
Category - EMS Council Member

Deputy Bill Romph
Category - Law Enforcement Officer

Director Stephanie Lehman
Appointing Authority - 911 Service Plan
Category - Central Dispatch Director

Chief Roger Caris
Category - Fire Chief

Sheriff Dar Leaf
Category - Barry County Sheriff

Chief Dale Boulter
Category - Hastings Police Department

Deputy Chief Julissa Kelly
Category - Law Enforcement Officer

Lt. Keith Disselkoen
Category - Michigan State Police

Lani Forbes
Category - Central Dispatch Administrative Board

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