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What is MiFILE?
MiFILE is an electronic filing system allowing you to file your court documents from anywhere.  Parties can see documents filed, served and noticed through MiFILE in their MiFILE account for up to one year.

Do I have to e-file?
Attorneys are required to use the MiFILE system pursuant to Michigan Court Rule 1.109(G)(3)(f).  Non-attorneys are not required to e-file, but are strongly encouraged to do so for eligible case types.
ATTORNEYS: Please make sure the email address you use for your MiFILE Account is the same email address on file with the State Bar of Michigan. 

What case types are eligible for e-Filing in Barry County?
Civil cases such as Landlord/Tenant (LT), Small Claims (SC), Land Contract Forfeiture (SP) and General Civil (GC) filed with the 56-B District Court.   

How do I file a case using MiFILE?
You will need to create your free account by clicking here to access the MiFILE log in page. 

If you need assistance, please visit the MiFILE tutorials here or visit Michigan Legal Help.
How do I prepare my documents for e-Filing?
If you are not using a court form approved for use by the State Court Administrative Office or that has been created for you through the Michigan Legal Help website, you will need to follow certain requirements when preparing your documents for e-Filing to avoid having your documents rejected ​by the court. Additional information on preparing documents and handling rejections​ is available on the Michigan Legal Help website.

How do I pay the filing fees using MiFILE?
The MiFILE system provides for payment by credit card or by cash or money order. Filers using cash or money orders must prepay before filing documents through MiFILE, and must complete the Receipt of Prepaid Filing Fees for MiFILE Transaction (MC 514) form. 

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Information about Process Servers

Locate a process server: https://www.mcodsa.com/mpage/LocatorMap

Individuals authorized to seize property and conduct evictions in Barry County:

                       Appointed Court Officers:                                                                         Barry County Special Deputy Sheriff:
Kurt Orosz                                               Amber Jansens                                                           Mark Sheldon
P.O. Box 140822                                      P.O. Box 197                                                                  1212 W. State Street  
Grand Rapids, MI 49514                       Caledonia, MI 49316                                                    Hastings, MI 49058
(616) 890-8078                                        269-953-2292                                                               269-838-2119

Additional Help

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