Change of Name

The court can not give legal advice or assistance. If you have legal questions or need assistance you will need to contact an attorney of your choice. The court can not accept incomplete documents. Documents must be completed in ink and be legible.

The person for whom the change of name is sought must be a resident of Barry County for one year prior to the filing of the petition for change of name for an infant less than one year of age can not be filed until the infant is one year old. If the change of name is sought for a minor over the age of one year and less than two years, both parents must sign the petition unless there is no legal father.

A fee of $197.00 must accompany the petition. This fee includes the filing fee, e-filing fee, a fee for the entry of the order and a certified copy.

Change of name for a minor – a copy of the child’s birth certificate must accompany the petition. If the parents are not married a copy of the divorce decree or order of filiation must also accompany the petition.

Petition for change of name for an adult – a copy of the birth certificate must accompany the petition.

Publication must occur one time at least two weeks prior to the hearing. The Hastings Banner will furnish an affidavit of publication to the court. The petitioner is responsible for securing publication and paying the associated fees.

If the custodial parent is the petitioner for a minor child, and the non-custodial parent is not joining in the petition, notice is required and must be mailed at least 14 days prior to hearing. A proof of service must be filed. If item 7a is checked and an order for support was entered, petitioner must furnish a copy of a statement of arrearage (available at the Friend of the Court).

Every person 22 years of age or older whose name appears on the “Petition to Change Name” must have a Criminal History Background Check completed by the Michigan State Police. To obtain your fingerprint background check please contact the Probate Court for additional information.