Senior Choice Meal Program

Low cost meals are available in select restaurants for seniors who live in townships not served five days a week by a Friendship Center. Call the COA at (269) 948-4856 for details.

The Senior Meal Choice Program was created to supplement the availability of meals served by the Barry County Commission on Aging (COA) to senior citizens in sections of the county not served every day by a senior dining center. Several area restaurants participate in this program, and provide special senior menus.  Meals are available at a cost share price of $3 each. All senior citizens who reside in the following townships have been approved for this program, and are able to purchase four restaurant meals per month with their Senior Meal Choice Card: 

  • Barry
  • Hope
  • Orangeville
  • Prairieville
  • Yankee Springs

  • Irving
  • Rutland
  • Thornapple
  • Yankee Springs

  • Assyria
  • Baltimore
  • Castleton
  • Johnstown
  • Maple Grove

Restaurant meals are not available for take-out
six meals per month may be purchased. 

If you qualify for this program and would like to obtain a card, please call the office to schedule an appointment to sign up.