Agricultural Film Plastic Recycling


Eaton County's Department of Resource Recovery, through a partnership with the Michigan Recycling Coalition and the Michigan Farm Bureau, have developed a pilot program for recycling agricultural film plastic at the Sunfield Recycling Center. This program, as well as the Sunfield Recycling Center where it is housed, are open to Eaton County and non-Eaton County residents. Learn more

Accepted Materials and Material Preparation
Accepted Material Types Non-Accepted Material Types
  • Silage/Grain Bags
  • Bunker Cover/Tarp
  • Greenhouse Film
  • Drip Tape 
  • Clear Pallet Stretch Wrap
  • Boat Covers
  • Bin Liners
  • Pallet Covers
x Plastic Bags
x Seed Bags
x Mulch Film
x Greenhouse/Nursery Flats, Trays, and Pots
x PVC Pipes
x Pesticide Containers
x Bale Netting
x Bubble Wrap
x Twine
x Woven Fabric Bags

Material Preparation Requirements

Due to the large variety and quantities of materials accepted by this program, specific preparation of materials is required. Specific preparation instructions depend on the type of accepted material. Please refer to the "Material Guide" to find individual preparation instructions for all types of accepted materials.  
Additional questions regarding accepted materials, material preparation requirements, or about this recycling program in general can be referred to the Eaton County Resource Recovery Coordinator

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