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The duties and responsibilities of the Register of Deeds are recording, maintenance, and security of all real estate records for Barry County.  We also assist customers with retrieving and obtaining copies of real estate records.

The index of recorded documents dating back to August of 1986 Liber 435 is available to view online.  The Register of Deeds Office does not perform searches over the phone.

Please e-mail any questions or requests to –

NOTE:  The Register of Deeds documents cannot be searched by an address and you will not be able to view the documents on line, just the index of our records.  If you have only an address, you may use the PROPERTY/PARCELSEARCH located on the Barry County website.  This information is derived from the property tax assessment rolls and is designed for reference purposes only, this search is not a part of the Register of Deeds Office and is only updated once a year by County Assessors.



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