Special Meeting Notices

Meeting DateDepartmentDownloadable PDF
11-7-2014Drain CommissionerCuddy Drain Meeting 11-7-14
11-5-2014Board of CanvassersBoard of Canvassers 11-5-2014
11-5-2014Drain CommissionerJordan Lake Improvement Board 11-5-2014
11-3-2014Drain CommissionerBarry Eaton Intercounty Drain
11-10-2014COWNOTICE of COW Training Workshop Drain
NOTICE CANCELLED MEETINGCOWNotice COW Meeting Cancelled 11-18-14
12-12-2014Board of Trustees of the Michigan CLASS Investment PoolBoard of Trustees of the Michigan CLASS Investment Pool
12-15-2014Drain CommissionerLittle Thornapple River Drainage Board Meeting
12-15-2014Drain CommissionerColdwater River Drainage Board Meeting
12-24-2014Airport CommissionAirport Commission Meeting Cancellation