Case Management

Upon receipt of a case from the court, files are set up and assigned to a team. Each team member has a portion of responsibility in the processing of your case. A team is made up of caseworkers, enforcement workers, bench warrant officer, investigator, and accounting staff. In addition our office has an intake Conciliator. The intake Conciliator is a temporary worker assigned to new cases to assist parties with the entry of the first court order. Upon completion of the order and any follow up investigations, the case is permanently assigned to an Enforcement Caseworker. The Barry County Friend of the Court assigns cases by the payer’s last name. The current assignment is: A to I, J to S, T to Z.

Enforcement Caseworkers

Enforcement Caseworkers are responsible for the overall processing of child support enforcement, medical enforcement, parenting time enforcement, parenting time modifications and general inquiries concerning your case. These workers process income withholding orders, stipulated agreements, show cause requests, interstate enforcement, and conduct parenting time conciliations. In addition to Enforcement Workers, this office uses an Investigator/Mediator for child support reviews and modifications of custody for all cases. This worker specializes in post judgement support reviews and court ordered custody investigations.

Bench Warrant Officer

The Bench Warrant Officer is assigned to transport individuals who have been arrested to the Barry County Jail, assists individuals with bench warrants prior to getting arrested, and is responsible for child support warrants within The jurisdiction of Barry County. The Bench Warrant Officer also works directly with the Prosecuting Attorneys office in obtaining Felony Non Support Warrants.

Accounting Department

The Accounting Department enters case information into the MiCSES computer system. They make adjustments to accounts, answer inquiries concerning balances and provide account statements. This department works with the State of Michigan and the Department of Human Services, regarding certification and decertification for state assistance, confinement reimbursement, and Medicaid. In addition this department reviews cases for closure and maintains emancipation dates for all children.

Reception and call center

Reception and call center is available for general questions, forms and instructions. This department is made up of associated team members assigned to each caseworker. Each inquiry is first handled by the call center and reception then directed to the correct individual if additional assistance is needed. Appointments with Enforcement workers are scheduled upon request through the call center or reception.