5th Judicial Circuit Court


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Barry County Courthouse – Floor 2
220 W State St
Hastings MI 49058

Main: (269) 945-1286 (Judges Office)
Fax: (269) 945-1299

Court Schedule

– Jury Trial
– Bench Trial
– Miscellaneous Cases

– Continue Trial
– Miscellaneous Cases

– District and Circuit Criminal
– Friend of the Court
– Drug Court (begins at 4:00 p.m.)

– Motion Day
– Criminal/Drug Court (morning)
– Civil Cases (afternoon)

– Miscellaneous Cases

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Meet Judge Amy McDowell

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The Barry County Circuit Court is a trial court with jurisdiction in all civil cases involving money damages of more than $25,000, divorce, and domestic relation/PPO cases. The Circuit Court also hears appeals from lower courts, appeals from local government boards such as zoning appeals, and appeals from some administrative agencies of state government (such as the Driver’s License Appeal Division of the Secretary of State).

Information about any Fine, Cost, or Assessment Imposed

Pursuant to Michigan Law (MCL 769.1k (1), Michigan Courts must provide information about any fine, cost, or assessment that the Judge may impose at sentencing.  This applies to defendants that enter a plea of guilty, nolo contendere, or if the court determines after a hearing or trial that the defendant is guilty.  The Judge may impose the following:

  • Minimum state cost pursuant to Michigan Law (MCL 769.1j) and is assessed per count.
    • $50 for Misdemeanors
    • $68 for Felonies
  • Crime victim’s rights assessment pursuant to Michigan Law (MCL 780.905) and is assessed per case.
    • $75 for Misdemeanors
    • $130 for Felonies
  • Any fine or cost as reflected in the underlying state of the offense
  • Expenses of providing a court-appointed attorney
  • Reimbursement pursuant to State Law (MCL 769.1f), which allows to reimburse the state or local unit of government for expenses incurred in relation to the crime, including but not limited to emergency response and costs of prosecution.
  • Any cost reasonable related to the actual costs incurred by the court. This includes salaries and benefits for relevant court personnel, goods and services necessary for the operation of the court, necessary expenses for the operation and maintenance of court buildings and facilities. Costs were determined by taking the average actual costs times the percent of workload for criminal divided by the average number of criminal cases disposed.

In criminal cases, the Circuit Court has jurisdiction over the trial of all felonies (offenses that may be punished by commitment to State penitentiary) and of those misdemeanors (offenses carrying a penalty of not more than twelve months in jail) originally charged in General District Court.